Monday, July 29, 2013

Three Economist Muskeeters

The country is passing through a very grim economic conditions to the extent of economic paralysis for the past two years. This despite the fact that the country boasts of a triumvirate of so called Economists of international repute namely Dr. Manmohan Singh, Montek Sing and P. Chidaram. Through their ill conceived policies and programmes they are leading the country towards virtual bankruptcy.

2. The GDP has slipped to the lowest level of 5 percent, industrial output to abysmal one percent and inflation to record double digits. These are record declines of past many decades. So what is the conclusion people draw from these developments? That these Economists are devoid of the knowledge about ground realities of the nation and putting into practice the bookish knowledge acquired by them. They may be best suited in academic arenas like universities but in ruling the country.

3. After the disgraceful formula for poverty line presented to the nation evolved after spending millions of Rupees, one wonders whether we need a Planning Commission of this sort which churns out irrelevant figures and datas ridiculing the poor people of this country. The flip flop in foreign Direct Investment in the country has become a mocking point for the overseas investors.

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