Monday, August 5, 2013

Let us give befitting reply to Pak Army

The news about Pak Army's cowardly attack at night on 5th August on an Indian Post in Poonch Sector resulting in the martyrdom of five brave Indian soldiers is shocking and deserves retaliation by way of action and not empty words. This could not have come at worst time when the two countries were engaged in confidence building measure following the election of so called India friendly Nawaz Shariff as the Prime Minister of Pakistan. So far we were facing the ISI sponsored terrorists on the LOC but now the PaK army has come out in the open. 2. It has been established now beyond doubt that there is no unified Government in Pakistan and there are many independent power structures in that country, Army being one of them. This incident can surely be linked to the attack on Indian Mission in Jalalabad in Afghanistan. Pak Army and its off shoots like ISI will never reconcile to friendly relations between the two countries and will sabotage any effort in that direction. 3. The Indian Government needs to see the light and recall that CBM initiated by various rulers of Pakistan like Musharaff and Zardari boomranged. Nawaz Shariff is no exception as Kargil episode took place behind his back. He cannot do much even now as is obvious to him.So after learning many lessons, let us be practical and teach a lesson to Pak army in the same language they understand. This approach may sound bit hard to our Human Rights activists but the lives of our Jawans are very precious to us.

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