Thursday, March 14, 2013

Diplomacy -Italian Style

The confused actions of Italian authorities in regard to the undertaking given in the Supreme Court of India for the return of two of its citizens accused of murder has shocked the entire world and raised questions about diplomatic privilleges and immunities. Whereas we cannot absolve the Indian authorities who fell into the trap of of Italian conspirators, the Italian authorities are guilty of abusing the hospitality and faith of diplomatic privileges extended by India. Contrary of the position taken by them, it is gross misuse of  local hopatlity & violation of Vienna convention.

2. In the first place Italian authorities should not have interfered in the criminal proceedings against two of its citizens charged of serious offence of murder except counsellor access and secondly seeking their visit to Italy to cast votes in an election and assurance of return backed by a sworn Affidavit to the Supreme Court was a ploy. No where in the world a criminal charged with murder is allowed to visit his country or his home within the country to cast his vote. The entire sequence of events smacks of a well planned conspiracy.

3. For the past some sometimes we are witness to the decline in moral, cultural and ethical values in Italy which was a centre of civilisation once. We have examples of Ottavio Quotrocchi, Chopper Deal, Berlusconi's adventures and now this. Do they deserve any civil treatment from us?

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