Monday, March 25, 2013

Militants vs. Surrendered Militants

            The sordid public display of spat between Delhi Police & J&K authorities over the arrest of Syed Liyaqat Ali Shah an acknowledged terrorist is quite disgusting. The J&K authorities claim that he has come as a part of the rehabilitation plan for the terrorists who surrender and Shah is one of those who has come from Pakistan to surrender. The Delhi police on the contrary repudiate this contention on the basis of potential inputs received from the intelligence agencies about his role in the proposed terror strike in the Capital. Their stand that it is on the basis of his interrogation that raids in a Jama Masjid Hotel led to the recovery of huge cache of arms & ammunition as well as information about a terrorist who checked into the hotel.

2. Now our Home Minister has bucked under the pressure of Chief Minister Omar Abdulla and entrusted NIA to conduct an enquiry into this matter. Whatever may be the case, question arises how such a sensitive matter is being publicised? Does it not come under Official Secrets Act and that we are giving leads to the terror out fits.

3. We have the most recent example of five of our CRPF who sacrificed their lives in a terror attack in Bemina which was facilitated by a surrendered militant. Is J&K Government only interested in rehabilitation of terrorists accused of murders and devastation and not that of peaceful Kashmiri Pandits living in abject poverty because of these terrorists. Omar Abdullah who deserves credit for bringing peace to the State seems to be drifting away from the right course and needs to re-asses the rehabilitation policies. It is also important that intelligent agencies inputs should not be made public which are detriment to safety considerations.

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