Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Let us not play politics with Sports

It is but natural that when a country's sports team is defeated in an international match there is a cause for disappointment and some times anger. The same is true for our team's performance in England. It is,however, unfortunate that we have started taking Cricket game as a business or a battle squad rather than as a sport. In every game one side wins and the other looses. The euphoria generated following the performance in U.K. is unwanted and unfair. It was the same team that had won the World Cup a few months ago creating a history of sorts in Cricket world . The entire nations celebrated the event in an unprecedented scale. One should not expect the same results in the game every time and we should shun jingoism from sports. It is for the sportsmen and concerned authorities to go into the causes for winning and losing. The public should enjoy the games and not demoralise the players.

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