Monday, August 29, 2011

A single man brought the Govt. on its knees

The debate in the Lok Sabha on Anna Hazare's Lokpal Bill saw many interesting features and and points of view projected by the Members. Hon. Pranab Mukerjee who is a seasoned parliamentarian and trouble shooter gave a poor reflection of himself when he echoed the words of Rahul Gandhi that " A single , however strong and empowered it may be cannot eradicate corruption" On the contrary he had seen the extra-ordinary strength of a powerless single individual who brought the powerful Government to its knees for his honest and just demand. Pranab DA should have quoted him rather than Rahul who is no match to his knowledge, experience and wisdom. The mere fact that a coterie of dynastic supporters are projecting Rahul Gandhi as the future Prime Minister does not in any way mitigates the popular aspirations of the people to see him on the Prime Minister's seat.

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