Friday, September 9, 2011

Practical way to tackle the corrupt

Nitish Kumar, Chief Minister of Bihar has set a practical and effective example to confiscate the property of an alleged corrupt I.A.S. Officer and converting the same to a School for poor children. The enactment of an Act and to implement the same in right earnest are two different things. Nitish Kumar has achieved both the targets for which he deserves gratitude of the nation. He has shown the way which should be followed by all States in the country as well as Centre. If this campaign is continued without interruptions, we will get rid of the scourge by more than 70 percent. With due respect to Civil Society's campaign against corruption, it may be stated that mere enactment of Lokpal Bill will not solve the problem as bureaucratic rules and procedures to dual with corrupt will only delay the process of conviction etc. The pattern of Bihar will be an effective deterrent tool and deserves support of general public and Government.

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