Monday, September 26, 2011

Who is Poor?

Our Government is relentlessly laughing at the cost of Aam Aadmi by taking anti-people decisions and making provocative statements. They have come into power by making dreamlike promises and are now treating them with scorn. The country specially the common man is reeling under extreme pressures of inflation and sky rocketing prices of food and essential commodities and struggling to survive. In this scenario, the Affidavit of the Govt. In Supreme Court that a person who spends Rs.32/- per day is above poverty line is a biggest joke which can hardly be tolerated. In other words, if a man spends Rs.32/- per day on his food, clothing,rental, travel, medical treatment etc. Etc. Is above poverty line. It is an admission of the fact that there are a vast majority who are not able to spend even this much for their survival.

2. It is most disappointing to find this statement has been approved by the so called Economists of international repute who have ruined the economy of this country by their misdirected vision. No one need to work or propogate against this Govt. as they are themselves destroying their credibility by such unpopular actions.

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