Saturday, September 10, 2011

Do Not Divide the Nation on Communal basis

It is extremely embarrassing to find the manner in which UPA Government is functioning in a confused manner in all spheres of governance. An addition to their confused state of mind is the proposed Prevention of Communal Violence Bill which has drawn adverse reactions not only from the major Opposition party but more importantly its political allies like Trinamool Congress. It displays the disarray in the ruling party where its different sections are pulling in different directions. This process is in continuation of the proposed Lokpal Bill where the major political parties were ignored while discussing with the Citizen Group. Even now the major political parties and the State Governments who are mainly concerned with the law and order were side stepped. It was therefore natural to rebound. Moreover, this legislation which has been contrived in a shoddy manner with elections in mind is ill timed and unnecessary. As has been objected by many political groups and State Governments, it will create more communal divides than bridge it. By and large there is no communal divide in the country at present as with the passage of time people have learnt to live in peace with each other. The classic examples are the harmony in Gujarat, Muslims building temples and Hindus building Mosques, Muslims participating in Ganesh Pujas and Hindus celebrating Eid and Christmas etc. Do we need a divisive legislation now?

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