Monday, September 26, 2011

Unfaithful & Scheming

"The intolerant Morarji Desai" by K.Natwar Singh (Mail Today dated 25 th September) is one of the most irreverent piece against a deceased Gandhian Prime Minister who was known for his strict discipline both in personal and public life. No doubt that he was very dogmatic in his beliefs and principles which were not popular amongst the flexible and luxurious bureaucracy but he was the least vindictive as projected by Natwar Singh in his article. Morarji Bhai was an icon of simplicity,devotion to duty and true nationalism who did not tolerate flattery and incompetency. Naturally, he was not popular with flatterers and schemers who wanted to gain favours through these means and not through merit or performance.

2. K.Natwar Singh who joined Foreign Service not through any competitive examination or merit but because of his royal connections and tried to improve his carrier through contacts and connections cannot be blamed as he was trained like this.All his articles that appear in your publication are full of self adulation and critical of his superiors in service which is against the ethics of any service discipline. Khushwant Singh and his other colleagues who had the opportunity to work with him can better describe him. In any case, he had no business to denigrate Morarji Desai, a pillar of freedom fight and free India. I would avoid mentioning about the circumstances leading to his ouster from the Union Government and congress party.

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