Thursday, September 15, 2011

Prime Ministerial Candidates

The lok Sabha Elections are due in 2014 more than two years away and it is next to impossible to predict the mood of electorate at that point of time. But the pseudo speculators as well as Media have unilaterally decided to project Narender Modi and Rahul Gandhi as the Prime Ministerial Candidates. It is further more interesting that neither the BJP nor the Congress Party have made any official endorsements to this effect. These are mature reactions of the national political parties. The need of the hour is to tackle the serious problems of inflation, decline in industrial growth besides terrorism. Political parties have every right to project their agendas and expose the shortfalls in governance to keep the system vigilant but at the same time they should not ignore the national priorities. The projection of Prime Ministerial candidates should be shelved for the time being as people want immediate relief from the mounting inflation and prices of essential food items.

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