Thursday, August 18, 2011

A confused Govt. & determined Anna Hazare

The flip flop actions and provocative statements made by the members of UPA Government and spokes persons of the ruling party while dealing with Anna Hazare has not only lowered its image world wide but also lost the confidence of masses in the country. The surge of public sentiment against the Government and in favour of Anna movement has largely been contributed by the Government itself. First the Government gave a VIP treatment to the members of Civil Society and spent a number of days in confabulations for drafting the proposed Lokpal Bill and when there were differences of opinion, they began a tirade of personal invectives and uncivilised mouthfuls against Anna and his team members. At that time they did not consider is necessary to involve the opposition in the drafting of the proposed Bill which is a democratic process.

2. Now they are in a reverse gear mode. Anna was corrupt yesterday and he is Gandhian today. He was arrested in the morning and released in the evening. A number of conditions were imposed upon him for holding his rally which have now been withdrawn. This indicates the indecisiveness and nervousness in the Government which appears to have lost the right to rule. The spontaneous mass upsurge of population in favour of Anna is a reminder of JP movement of 1977 which galvanised the people against misrule of Indira Gandhi. Are we heading in the same directions? It is also pertinent to point out that majority of the people who have joined this agitation do not know about Lokpal Bill. They consider it to be a movement against prevailing corruption at all levels in the country by which every citizen is adversely affected in his day to day life. The claim of Government that Lokpal will not be able to end corruption is an honest statement. How can you route out the wild hedges that you have been irrigating for the past 64 years.

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