Friday, August 26, 2011

Breach of Trust

The entire nation has been virtually at standstill for the last two weeks following the spat between team Anna Hazare and the Government on the question of Jan Lokkpal Bill to combat the menace of corruption in the country. The entire nation has been backing this movement irrespective of their political affiliation, caste or creed because all are victims of this scourge in their day to day life. Since 16th August when Anna underwent fast there have been series of parleys between the Anna's team and the government emissaries about the fine prints of the proposed Bill as Government publicly accepted all the suggestions made by Anna Hazare about the contents and the structure of Lokpal. Even the Prime Minister conceded in Lok Sabha about the need for a strong and effective institution in this regard and assured about the introduction of Jan Lok pal Bill in the current session of Parliament.

2. Strangely, when the entire nation was anxiously awaiting the introduction of the proposed Bill and breaking the fast by Anna Hazare, Rahul Gandhi made a complete somersault in his speech in Parliament which obviously had the approval of the Government and Congress party. This action has completely shattered the hopes of people and lowered the image and credibility of the Government. Why Rahul Gandhi was in a silent mode when the establishment was daily engaged in discussions on the issue. The suggestion for a statutory body could have been made right in the beginning and ground work started or it could follow after the present problem had been solved. It is a belated and unwise attempt which will not go down well.

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