Monday, August 22, 2011

Corruption & Politics

The civil society's project which began on a limited issue of drafting a Bill for setting an institution to contain all pervasive corruption in the country has assumed diverse dimensions. Neither the Government nor the Civil rights activist had in their wildest dreams imagined that it will assume the form of an unprecedented mass national movement. It is indicative of the extent of public anguish and frustration with the prevailing corruption in the country. People of all walks of life rich, poor,workers,professionals ,politicians of all hues and intellectuals have come out voluntarily to support the cause. Most of the people have little concern or knowledge about the drafts for Lokpal bills proposed by Anna Hazare or Government but they want corruption to be wiped out. That is the crux of the matter for the public at large and they want early solutions.

2. When this mass movement is at its zenith and hopefully some concrete measures are likely to emerge, political parties are flexing their muscles to weaken it by adopting divisive strategies. Udit Narayan is bringing in Cast politics on the grounds that Scheduled Caste groups were not associated while drafting the proposed Bill. One may ask the ask the question whether scheduled caste people are not affected by the prevailing corruption. Similarly, Zafar Jilani is giving a divisive communal colour to the agitation by objecting to slogans "Bharat Mata-ki-Jai" and national anthem "Bande Matram". This anti national stance is condemnable in secular India. Tomorrow some unsound fanatic will object to "Allah-h0-Akbar". Let us keep this movement apolitical, secular and meaningful.

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