Sunday, August 28, 2011

A Historic Non-violent Movement

It is for the first time in the history of independent India that a mass movement on an unprecedented scale against corruption was conducted by a social worker Anna Hazare throughout the country in a non-violent Gandhian style. Not a single case of violence was reported from any part of the country where large scale demonstrations were held and participated by young and old persons voluntarily. The other remarkable feature of this public crusade was apolitical nature. In fact the politicians who wanted to take advantage of the situation were kept at bay and in some cases shooed away. The result of this agitation is for every body to see that public might is greater than the power of politics. This has set an example to emulate before the world that people can bend the mightiest force without violent means.

2. The Government has agreed in principle to consider the suggestions made for the institution of Lokpal which will undergo procedural scrutiny within the framework of democratic constitution of the country. There are expressions of doubts and apprehensions in some quarters whether such procedural dilatory tactics will allow the Bill to emerge for enactment has happened in previous 9 attempts. It should, however, be clear to the legislatures that times have changed and people are now determined to seek effective measures against the cancer of corruption.


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