Sunday, March 20, 2011

Mayhem in Libya by U.S.A..

The revolutionary movements starting from Jasmine Revolution in Tunisia that spread in countries ruled by Despotic regimes in Middle East has regrettably taken a heavy toll of human lives. In all these countries there were voluntary uprisings by the masses suppressed by autocratic and brutal rulers for a long time. There was no direct or indirect support from outside forces. The human sacrifices in independence struggles are an integral part of such movements.

2. However, the situation in Libya has taken an ugly and dangerous turn. Col.Gadaffi has been clinging to power for more than forty years and has beaten all records of atrocities and brutalities inflicted on his people. The Libyan people inspired by the freedom movements in their neighbourhood picked up courage to revolt. They very clearly and vehemently declared that it was their struggle and no outside support was required. When the Gadaffi unleashed extreme force to suppress the movement to the point of genocide. United Nations Security Council passed Resolution 1973 authorising limited force to enforce "No fly Zone" to save human lives. The U.S.A. the self styled Policeman of the world declared that it will not participate in military action in the region. However, the facts are now transparent. The loss of human life in Libya in two days as a result of Air attacks by U.S. and allied forces is much more than Gadaffi could have in two months.

3. The question arises as to who has authorised U.S.A. to interfere in the internal affairs of the independent countries in the world. It seems no lessons have been learnt from Iraq and Afghanistan. The people in USA are reeling under worst economic crisis and can ill afford these types of misadventures. It is not impossible that people there will some day start a mass movement against their Government and its policies. Also there will be global condemnation leading to emergence of new blocks.USA and its allies should keep this in mind.

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