Thursday, March 3, 2011

Lack of Governance

The Supreme Court's rebuke to the Government's for in action in proceeding against the notorious Stud Farm owner for stashing black money to the tune of $ 8 Million in a Swiss Bank is a well deserved rap on its knuckles. It is in a series of continuous cases of Scams, Frauds and Corruption where the UPA II Government has been turning a Nelson's eye but the vibrant Media and vigilant judiciary has to intervene. The Government machinery has remained unmoved even after these exposures became public. It is evident that Enforcement Directorate has been put into a state of hibernation and the CBI has been made a robot to go after only the opponents. It is indeed a sad period in the history of the country.

2. There have clinching evidences of corruption against persons like Ottavio Qutrocchi, Lalu Prasad, Maya Watt, Mullayam Singh Yadav,Madhu Koda but the nation is aware about the soft paddling for political reasons. Then we are submerged in series of Scams like CWG, Adarsh Society and 2 Scam. The king pin of CWG Scam is roaming free and raids in his lockers etc. are being conducted year after he was accused, A.Raja who was given a clean chit earlier is getting VIP treatment in Jail and information is still being collected against Mumbai Congress Chief Kripashankar Singh.If the Government and its agencies cannot probe and prosecute these cases, let these functions be out sourced to private agencies. Similarly, Swiss Banks may be permitted to open Branches in the country for Tax Free deposits, at least the money will remain in the country.

3. Lastly, is it a Coalition Dharma or the Corruption Dharma that restrains. Unfortunately, Prime Minister is losing credibility to govern as personal integrity is not a substitute for ineffective governance.

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