Sunday, March 27, 2011

Ignore Wikileaks

The Wilileaks about India are mainly cables sent by American diplomats posted in the country to look after American interests in various fields viz. political, economic,social etc. Etc. This is so in the case of all countries whose diplomats are posted abroad. These representatives exchange information with their countries about the happenings in the country of their posting which is the call of their duties. The views expressed in such exchanges need not be factually correct and may be biased influenced by personal prejudices etc. These are internal communications
Which are often spiced or sensationalised by the reporting officers to score brownie points from their governments. They have no legal relevance but only academic interest for the country reported upon.

2. It is therefore, astonishing as to why our political parties are giving too much attention and importance to the contents of these cables and wasting the nation's time and resources in discussing and debating in Parliament and outside. There are more important issues to debate and decide than the views expressed in these scraps of cables.Are we going to bother about what Russian and Chinese diplomats have written about us to their governments? Let us put an end to this topic and carry on with our core activities with the attitude of "who bothers what they say about us".

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