Thursday, March 24, 2011

Laptops, Grinders and Mixers for Votes

It is distressing to learn that during the election rallies in Tamil Nadu, both major political parties in the State are luring the voters with promises to give Lap Tops. Mixer, grinders etc. If voted to power. It is am unhealthy and unethical trend in a democratic system which can contaminate the entire country's election process in due course if not checked early.

2. One wonders how this form of corrupt practice is being ignored by the Election Commissioner. Offer of cash or in kind to solicit undue favours is normally punishable under the Corruption Act. There may be a legal lacunae in the strategy being followed by these politicos to escape the hand of law but the fact remains that morally it is an act of corrupt practice and merits punishment. There is an urgent need to take suitable measures to curb this practice and amend the law, if necessary. When such parties come to power and wish to meet half of these promises the common man will be grinded to pay double the cost of these freebies by way of taxes.

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