Sunday, March 27, 2011

Notes for Votes

The Wikileaks revelations regarding cash for votes during vote of confidence in Indian Parliament does not describe anything new about the working of UPA Government that we are not aware of. For the past almost one year we have been learning about the scams, frauds and conspiracies that the Government functionaries have been immensely involved in. It is like Scam of the day headlines that people of the country daily read in the News Papers and watch on the visual media The Government has totally become immune and insensitive to these charges since they control the investigating agencies and also realise the ineffective opposition parties. It is not the first time that money power has been used to stay in power.Starting from the Shibu Soren episode it has been a continuous. Modus operandi to cling to power.

2. What is perturbing the Indian masses is the fact that these unprecedented scale of corruption cases are happening under the steward ship of Dr. Manmohan Singh who carries the tag of impeccable integrity. How long this tag can stick to him is a question of time.What is preventing him to step aside from the coterie of corrupt if he is not able to control them. He has seen enough power and corruption under his feet and has now become ineffective to govern and should abdicate gracefully.

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