Friday, November 4, 2011

Prime Minister's irresponsible & insensitive Statement

The Prime Minister's statement made in Cannes with reference to recent hike in petrol prices that markets must find their own levels and that rise in inflation levels is a sign of prosperity has hurt the sentiments of common man more than the rise in prices. The Prime Minister who being head of the democratically elected government is expected to look after the interests of people and not justify the anti-people measures. Every one including Prime Minister knows the effects of chain reactions the hike in fuel prices brings about and also that India has the largest component of population living below poverty line who are already crumbling under the weight of high and unaffordable prices of food and other essential commodities. The increase in petrol prices is like putting salt on the wounds. It is high time that a clear vision of poverty and prosperity is carved out lest things may go out of hands. In fact the Prime Minister is so busy in his foreign jaunts that he has lost touch with the ground realities of his own country. He is should refrain from making statements which offend the Aam Aadmi who is on the verge of starvation level due to unemployment, high prices and abject poverty.

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