Sunday, October 23, 2011

Politics of vindictiveness

The UPA Government shocked by the series of Scams in its second term is acting totally confused and directionless. Instead of taking effective steps to route out its short comings, it has embarked upon a programme of retaliatory salvos against its opponents. When Anna Hazare and Baba Ram Dev started a campaign against corruption, it steam rolled the audience of Baba Ram Dev and initiated criminal proceedings against his aide Balkrishen. Congess spokesperson Manish Tewari accused Anna Hazare smeared in corruption from head to heel and apologized later. Digvijay Singh continues with his vicious salvos against Anna.

The BJP MPs who had exposed the cash for votes scam have been put in jail with criminal charges. Now the team members of Anna are being accused of corrupt practices. This politics of vindictiveness will not do any good to the Congress party or the Government as public can see through these machanisations. It will be better for them to devote themselves for eradication of the scourage of corruption.

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