Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Where was Raj Thackeray during Mumbai Carnage?

Whereas the entire nation's energies were rivetted to Mumbai in eliminating the terrorists, the common men were contributing their mite in selfless services. There was a stream of blood donors at the hospitals, anonymous young boys risked their lives to bring out the stranded hostages, men in the street offered free water, food and shelter to the victims and hotels gave free accommodated to the traumatised tourists. Hats off to all of them. But one wonders where had Raj Thackeray escaped from Aamchi Mumbai? Why did he not appear with his goons to protest against the outsider NSG,RPF and other para military outfits that saved hundred of Mumbaikar and others from the carnage? Hope Mumbaikars have seen the light of day and will ask the same questions from Raj as to where was he and what did he do to save Mumbai?

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