Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Delhi Elections- an Introspection

Election Reults of Delhi-an introspection

Now that results of Delhi Assembly Polls are out Congress Party and Congress controlled Media are attributing the defeat of BJP due to their stand on terrorism and terrorists attack in Mumbai. Nothing can be more unpatriotic and shameful stand than this slanderous campaign. In other words these people want to project that terrorism and tragedy in Mumbai is a non-issue and an insignificant national event.Are they preparing the nation to ignore such tragedies and ineffectiveness of the Government for future incidents.However, when do an unbiased introspection of the causes that led to the BJP’s fall following are some of the reasons:1.Sense of complacency that developed in the Cadres taking in view inflation, industrial recession and break down of law and order which will against the Government.2. There was no mass contact programme. In most of the colonies no BJP worker or Candidate went on door to door visits. Whereas, Congress workers and candidates did the same more than once. 3. The infighting following nomination of the Chief Ministerial candidate also contributed to the negative effect.4. The en mass voting by the minorities and immigrants like Bangladeshis against BJP following relentless propaganda by Congress. All these illegal migrants were issued Identity/Ration cads where as thousands of Indian residents living in Jhuggi clusters and lower middle class colonies were denied these cards.There may be more points but above are some gathered from ground level.

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  1. hello uncle
    as you say.. when the common man is neglected.. the vote banks will be empty only..
    nice analysis by you..