Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Israel attacks in Gaza

A number of casualities have occured in Gaza following aerial attacks by Isreal. Although these attacks were directed against Hamas militants and their establishments, there have been a number of deaths of innocent lives including women and children. No sane person will justify the large scale massacre. It is not Isreal which is responsible for this carnage alone. These attacks were provoked by the Hamas whic had been targetting Isreali settlements with rockets and mortar fire every day. The Palestinian militants are responsible, in the first place, for violating the ceasefire by repeatedly launching rocket and mortar attacks against Israel. Israel merely retaliated against attacks in self defence. Loss of lives is inhuman but the party that starts the action is to be blamed. They ignored the various warnings of Isreal for retaliatory action aware fully of their potential and past history. The world community should hold Hamas responsible for the present carnage irrespective of their political alliances as this is violation of Human rights.

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