Thursday, December 4, 2008

Asif Zardari the unpredictable and unreliable

The U turn by Pak President Zardari in regard to his assurances to India for sending his ISI chief and taking action against Pak citizens involved in gruesome carnage in Mumbai is nothing new. In fact we should have known his mind set right from the time he assumed power.He betrayed his coalition partner Mr. Nawaz Sharif, went back on his election manifesto to reinstate the former Chief Justice and so on. He talks tall and acts low. According to the news reports he was diagnosed with symptoms of Dementia.So his credibility both at home and abroad is very low. The people and Government of India should know this while dealing with him.

2. In fact it will not be exaggeration to say that he has no control over administration and army still rules Pakistan from the background. They know his weaknesses and are exploiting them to keep him amused. Going by our past experience with country we should not waste our time and energy in discussions and sending Demarche but prepare to give a final blow to their nefarious designs.

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