Wednesday, December 24, 2008

What is the issue Mr. Prime Minister

Both our Prime Minister and External Affairs Minister have stressed that the current issue between India and Pakistan is not imminent war but terrorism. It is high time that our political masters should come out of their tongue in cheek policies and be bold enough to call a spade a spade. Pakistan though guilty of being the sponsor of terrorism has assumed a belligerent post against India and has been fanning anti India hype amongst its population. In such a situation India should have issued a stern warning instead of saying that current issue is not war We have learnt by now that terrorism is worst than war because in the latter case we face the enemy straight in the face and are able to strike at the target. This is not possible in the case of acts of terrorism. We should also be clear of one thing that although we do not war but for Pakistan it is a necessary evil for its survival. At present Pakistan is in a state of disintegration from all corners viz. Army does not recognize the civil government, NWFP and Baluchistan are out of its control and various fundamental groups have taken over the roles of civil authorities in all its provinces. In such a desperate situation, Pakistan appears to see the light in waging a war even at a high cost with India in order to survive. So let us be prepared to meet the challenges ahead and give a befitting reply.

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