Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Has the Government right to continue?

The outrageous terrorist attack in Mumbai is in continuation of the similar serial attacks in Gujarat, Jaipur and Delhi. The intention of these nefarious attacks is to weaken our national solidarity, economy and developmental progress. We need not mince wors any more to identify the forces behind these attacks and openly declare Pakistan as the hostile country. If USA can target terrorists in Pakistan territory, what prevents us to follow suit? How long we are going to tolerate these brutes and inhuman creatures to smear our land with the blood of innocent lives?

2. Our Government has so far been playing dirty political games even when there have such ghastly murders. The appeasement policies towards anti social elements have encouraged these rogues to proceed with more vengeance. We have lost best of our policemen in Batla House and Mumbai attacks but the Government has only issued empty statements of taking strict action. Our Home Minister went to the extent of saying that the terrorists have the advantage of choosing the time and place.What prevents him to choose the time and place to annihilate these gangs of criminals? In other words, he has surrendered the nation's honour and security due to his inefficiency. There has been complete break down of law and order under this government and it has no right to continue in power.

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