Saturday, November 29, 2008

Economic Crisis

The statements and declarations made by our leaders at the recently held HT Summit in New Delhi have greatly amused the nation. The Prime Minister assured the nation that India has the resources and expertise to tide over the global economic crisis. Only a day earlier he had declared that we cannot insulate ourselves from the global economic events. One would wish that if we have the expertise to tide over economic crisis then why not export our services in this field to USA and Europe who are in deep economic turmoil. At home our inflation is sky high, industrial growth has plummeted and job cuts are driving our youths to desperation. We should not mention about the relevance of stock market to the nation's economy as advised by our learned Finance Minister. When will our expertise be used to come out of the present turmoil?

2. Our great Comedian Railway Minister regaled the audience which included international celebrities with his wit and humour as he had no serious topic to discuss. And to add icing on the cake,N.Chandrababu Naidu the Astrologer predicted that it is most likely that the next PM would be a lady of a regional party. What a great Comedy Show?

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