Saturday, November 29, 2008

Mumbai under attack

The most vicious and inhuman terrorist attack in Mumbai has exposed many facets of the international terrorism and the preparedness of our Government. Although at this hour of our distress and agony we should maintain national unity and solidarity, it will be naive not to analyse the factors leading to this well planned and executed sordid episode. We should now pick up the courage to call a spade a spade and not be sheepish in blaming the forces behind this attack. Instead of saying the hands of a foreign power behind this attack, let us be bold enough to say that is at the behest of Pakistan. Merely issuing statements and warnings, each time a carnage of this magnitude is carried out, a retaliatory action of similar type is required to send home the message to the dealers of death.

2. That the Governments at the Centre and State levels have failed miserably needs no proof. The intelligence agencies, Customs authorities and naval coast guards have not proved worth their salt in performance of their duties. The entire nation is rightly frustrated as there is complete failure of the system. The Home Minister, Government of Maharashtra and in fact the Government of India have forefieted the right to govern. The President should dissovle the Governments at the Centre and Maharashtra and order elections. Similarly an immediate exercise should be launched to overhaul the Government agencies that have failed to perform.

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