Thursday, July 16, 2009

Remembering the Kargil Heroes

The victory of our brave soldiers in the Kargil war against Pakistan will go down as a most glorious event in the history of our Armed Forces which merits nation wide celebration every year. However, the foot in the mouth statement made by Congress MP Rashid Alvi against commemorating this event has not only shocked the Armed Forces but the entire nation. His perverse statement that our Forces merely took back the area occupied by Pakistani forces does not call for any celebration. Is he indirectly mourning the defeat of Pakistan through his ill coceived statement. He needs to elaborate about his nationality. The nations world over celeberate the victories of their Armed forces for recovery of their territorries from Naziz. This is a natural act of patriotism to honour soldiers who laid down their lives in the service of their nation.

It is for the Congress Party to decide whether to tolerate such unpatriotic persons in their fold but the nation expects the Government to take suitable action prescribed in the law of the land against him for denigrading the honour and dignity of our brave soldiers who sacrificed their lives for the honour of Motherland. Congress or no Congress, Alvi is a turn coat who changes political parties with the drop of a hat and is unknown to scruples.

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