Friday, July 17, 2009

Composite Dialogue with Pakistan- a national shame

Despite vociferous claims made from the roof top by the Prime Minister and the Congress Party's shouting brigade that we will not have any talks with Pakistan till the perpetrators of Mumbai carnage are brought to book, Prime Minister has brought national shame to India by yielding to Pakistan at the NAM meeting held in Egypt. Not only has he agreed to start the dialogue with Pakistan but has succumbed to their pressure to include Baluchistan in the joint statement. In other words as if India is brewing the trouble in that region of Pakistan.

The statement makes no mention about closure of terror camps in P O K nor handing over criminals and terrorist leaders like Dawood and Sayeed. What was the urgency or need to hold talks with Pakistan in the present situation when they had never struck to their words. Shri Vajpayee started the peace dialogue by his Bus journey to Lahore believing in the sincerity of Pak leaders intentions but it was immediately followed by Kargil War.

After the change of military ruler, Pak President, Asif Zardari made several honey coated statements in favour of India=Pak relations followed by heinous Mumbai attack sponsored by ISI.There are news of Pakistani forces building bunkers along side the Indo-Pak border which have been confirmed by our Army Generals. In the forgoing context, is it not a betrayal of the nation by the ruling party? Are we going to play to the tunes of American Government which has no interest

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