Monday, July 27, 2009


The comments made in leading newspapers of America about the 26/11 attack in Mumbai by Pakistani terrorists describing Kasab as a Gunman and not a terrorist is a shocking, irresponsible and malicious comment from a country which witnessed similar carnage on 9/11. Does it reflect the mindset of the people of a developed nation towards the citizens of third world countries. Why American establishment is viewed with suspicion and an incredible ally by majority of the global countries is because of this type of arrogant complex.They do not seem to have learnt any lessons from Vietnam, Iraq and now in Afghanistan.

2. Even Pakistan has now admitted the role of its citizens in the terrorists plot hatched in Pakistan and executed in Mumbai and have started legal proceedings against the perpetrators of terrorism. In that background as well as the independent investigations carried out by U.S. Authorities which also came to same conclusions, to call the terrorists as merely gunmen is a mischievous statement. Should we call the 9/11`attack in New York as a Missile fire by rogue fliers?. Such statements do no good to Indo-US relations despite Hillary's glamorous visit, The American media should better show maturity and good manners in their writings.

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