Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Murky Politicians of Kasmir

The recent events in Jammu & Kashmir Assembly have exposed the lowest level to which PDP leaders can stoop down for their narrow political ends. The role of a vigilant opposition in a democratic regime is to corner the Government in power on national and administrative issues and not personal character assassination. PDP was sharing power with Congress till a few months ago and the said Sex scandal happened during that period. At that time they never mentioned about the the name of Omar Abdullah in the list of accused or suspected persons.

2. Now that they are out of power and have no issue to remain in public lime light, they have chosen this irresponsible and detestable path to malign a popular young dynamic leader of the State. The conduct of Mehbooba in throwing microphones on the face of the Assembly Speaker and later on tearing the report of the CBI in House illustrate her desperate frame of mind. It is a dangerous trend to whip up street passions which will sometime boomerang on them. The role of PDP was exposed when they remained silent when a three year old child and his father was brutally murdered by the terrorists but were very vociferous about the death of two girls with questionable circumstances. It is the same party which had pleaded for common currency in Kashmir as well as Pak occupied area. This party with a anti national agenda deserves to be treated with utmost severity under the law so that they do not pose threat to peace stability and tranquility in the State

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