Saturday, June 13, 2009

Pak releases terror Mastermind

The release of proclaimed terror mastermind and perpetrator of Mumbai carnage as well as similar dastardly acts elsewhere, by Pakistani High court for want of adequate evidence presented by the prosecution is a slap on the face of Pakistani authorities for their shameless conduct. They have hardly emerged out of the Taliban's wrath within the country and are back in their old game of aiding and abetting terrorist groups against India. Soon after the release of Jamat-ud Dawa chief Hafeez Saeed, Pakistan Prime Minister Gilani suddenly remembered Kashmir.These events are fraught with danger for India as a message is being conveyed to the terrorist groups that Pakistan Government stands to fully support them. Pakistan does not seem to have learnt the lesson from its recent experiences with Taliban that these blood thirsty groups have crossed the lines of nationalism and will devour whatever is available to them.

Unfortunately, the role of America is dubious as all these developments cannot take place without its tacit approval and support. The initial euphoria that was built up around Obama is soon fading both at home and abroad due to his inconsistent policies and more of rhetoric than action. As far as India is concerned there is little to expect from him and perhaps Bush had a better understanding. India should also now learn its lessons and act firmly with Pakistan without reservations and ignore Americans who have time and again proved untrustworthy.

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