Monday, March 30, 2009

Al Qaeda in Lahore

The dastardly attack by terrorists on the Police Training School in Lahore deserves to be condemned by all rational people under the Sun as it is a most vicious act against humanity. It reveals the scale and magnitude of the cancerous cult of terrorism. It need not be reiterated as to who has been the founder and promoter of this cult in the region at this hour of agony and grief for the families of innocent victims. We in India have been victims of such heinous acts for many years. Only last week we lost five of our brave soldiers when there was infiltration bid aided and abetted by Pakistan's para forces a fact acknowledged even by U>S>A.

2. Now that such incidents have become a daily affair both in India and Pakistan a prudent approach would have been for both countries to evolve a joint strategy to meet this menace. Unfortunately, however, instead of a balanced approach and co-operation a blame game has started fueling the fire of hatred and intolerance. The statement of Pak Interior Minister MrRehman Malik comparing it with 1965 War(with India) and hand of foreign power is most offensive and derogatory. He further wanted to know how and from this group got the sophisticated weapons, a question India has repeatedly been posing to Pakistan when similar attacks take place in India. We in India are really concerned whether Pakistan will be able to retain the democratic Government it has recently acquired or the Army will again seize power as they are not used to salute their civilian bosses.

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