Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Declare Pakistan a Terror State

The dastardly attack on Srilankan Cricket Team in Pakistan is in continuation to the Pakistan sponsored terrorists to spread anarchy and destruction in the world over. After Mumbai carnage they tried their dirty hands in Bangladesh to unsettle the democratically elected Government through a mutiny by the fundamentalist elements in the para military forces and now comes the attack on sportmen of a peaceful and non-alligned country. Their handing over of Swat valley to the fundamentalists for rule under Shariat Law cannot befool any one including U.S.A. as to their designs. They have hatched the nurseries of terrorism and are nurturing and promoting them unabashedly. This is the second case in the history of sports after Munich Olympic when innocent sportsmen have been targeted. It is time, therefore, that United Nations Organisations takes immediate steps to declare Pakistan a Terrorist State and annihilate its terror promotion set up to bring peace to the world.

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