Friday, February 20, 2009

Criminalisation of Politics

The people of India had been expressing concern about criminalisation of Politics in India as almost all political parties had started fielding candidates with a dubious background during elections and many of them to the utter misfortune of the country got elected. These candidates had all shades of crime to their credit like rioting, rape, murder and frauds etc.

2. This trend has gained momentum now that general elections are nearing. The Samajwadi Party has declared such a candidate for its Lucknow constituency. Not to be left behind Congress has admitted a match fixer in its fold to be fielded from Hyderabad. One wonders at the bankruptcy of our political parties who are not able to find and field nationalist and clean persons to participate in governance of the country. If this practice continues, day will not far behind when Tihar Jail will become the scouting ground to locate tough candidates. Is it that these parties are following the maxim "Politics is the last refuge of a scoundrel".

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