Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Talbanisation of Pakistan

The latest events in Pakistan particularly the handing over of Swat valley to Talibans indicates a deeper conspiracy on the part of Pakistan towards gradual and systamatic talibanisation of the country. No sovereign country in the world history will hand over a part of its territory to a terrorist group to govern it with a law different from the laws of its constitution as has been done by Pakistan. There are many indicators to prove that Pakistan had been working towards this end. Talibans had recently announced that any attack on Pakistan by India will be repulsed by their organisation contrary to Pak claims of being victims of Talibans terror.India has, therefore, to prepare itself against Pakistan's designs of spreading the culture of Pak sponsored terrorism.

2. There is also a need to reduce our reliance upon U.S.mediation as they have always pursued their self interest. The statement of U.S. Special envoy Richard Holbrooke that
Taliban is a common threat to India, Pakistan and U.S.A is a pointer to their insincerity in describing the facts. How can Pakistan who is the sponsor,perpetrator and now power sharer with Talibans be clubbed with threat to India. The importance it attaches to India can be imagined from the fact that India has been excluded from U.S. Secretary of State's visit to Asian countries. So let us take care of ourselves without outside help.


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