Saturday, June 13, 2009

Australian Racism

The wave of racial attacks on Indian students in Australia, 85 reported cases in past three years besides a large number unreported, is a cause for major concern for India. The racial Mindset of Australians is not a new thing as we had experienced it frequently during cricket matches with the Aussies. However, targeting Indian students who were invited for studies in their Universities through a blitz of Government and private ads and media propaganda by extracting billions of Rupees from them is most unethical and condemnable in a civilised society. To add insult to the injury the Australian Police force has been most uncooperative to the racial victims and Govt. A mute spectator

Now that the water has flown over the head, it is time for serious introspection on our part also. There is a craze for sending our children for studies abroad when we have far better courses and institutions in India which have established their identities abroad. The students of these institutions have made to the highest positions in the world for a in various fields. On economic considerations also it pinches a big hole in the pockets of middle class parents who send their wards to third class institutions which have mushroomed in Australia like Coaching Classes in India.

These students are misled to believe that after completion of their studies like MBA they will get Permanent Resident status and a Job.What Jobs they get subsequently is either a Taxi Driver or a Security Guard.Have you ever seen an MBA etc, driving Taxi or a Security Guard in India? It is time that public awareness is articulated against studies in Australia and the Government deal firmly with the touts duping our innocent public for studies in racial Australia.

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