Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Turn arounds of US and U.K. Governments

Our Government has been giving disproportionate importance to U.S.A and U.K. Governments manoeuvers to mediate between Pakistan and India following Mumbai carnage by Pakistan based and aided militants. Both the Governments initially issued statements confirming the involvement of Pakistan based terror organisations and declared that the Government of Pakistan could not be absolved of its responsibility in the tragic incidents. The high level dignitaries of USA like Secretary of State, Condeela Rice and U.k. Prime Minister Gordon Brown shuttled between Islamabad and New Delhi and made statements purportedly to shun Pakistan. However, their main intention was to protect Pakistan from retaliation from India as it now becomes clear.

2. After having succeeded in their game plan, Obama, the President elect of USA has proposed to triple aid to Pakistan purportedly to contain terror. U.K. Foreign Secretary David Miliband has also absolved Pakistan Government of its involvement in the terrorist attacks. This is a clear evidence of the duplicity of both the Governments. Our past experiences with both these Governments on various issues show that they are unreliable and least dependable. Every one knows that the aid to Pakistan will not be used to fight terrorism but finance the terrorist organisations for their global terror operations.Indian Government should learn a lesson of self reliance and act instead of issuing daily statements.

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