Sunday, January 11, 2009

Code of Conduct required to handle Strikes

For the past one month we have been witnessing strikes and strikes in the country which has not only adversely affected the daily life of common man but also the economy of the country. The Auto Driver's strike in Mumbai,Public Sector Oil Companies Officer's strike and the continuing Trucker's strike in the country are the events which indicate as though the Government has become helpless and ineffective. This virus of Strikes in the country is without doubt a prelude to the coming elections when the interested groups consider the best time to exploit the Government in conceding their demands.Although in a democracy, people have the right to strike but is also incumbent that it should not be at the cost of injury to the national causes. We may consider that just as before any election there is a moral code of conduct prescribed by the Election Commission,similar Code of Conduct should also be prescribed for the public and professional groups against carrying out any Strike during this period.

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