Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Muslim League demand breaking of ties with Isreal

This refers to the news item regarding Indian Union Muslim league's demand for breaking of diplomatic relations with Isreal following the latter's offensive against Hamas militants. This militant group has been targetting Isreali settlements and civilians with rocket attacks for the past six months but no voice was raised by IUML against Hamas. Now that Isreal after numerous warnings is acting in self defence the fundamentalists are giving it a religious colour. It is unfortunate that innocent civilians are being killed in this operation accidentally due to the topography of the location but the fact remains that Isreali forces are not targetting the civilians. No Muslim organisation has brought any pressure on the Hamas to stop their attacks who are stubbornly declaring that they will continue their strikes irrespective of the heavy loss of innocent lives.

2. The Mindset of IUML and their ilk to view every event through the prism of religious bigotry is the prime reason for their alienation from the mainstream and disservice to Isam.No wonder their loyalties become questionable. They have not raised the demand to snap ties with Pakistan following Mumbai carnage but are more concerned with events in Gaza. It is time that Muslim leaders in the country should introspect to separate religion from politics and generate national loyalties.

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