Friday, September 28, 2012

Crime Capital of India

Gang rape a day, Murder every day and number of burglaries cum robberies every day is what has made the capital city of the country to be known as the crime capital of India. It is a matter of shame and shock that these obnoxious activities continue to happen unabated despite Police claims of decrease in in crime. Mere statistics cannot assure the citizens of safety and security. A serious attempt to curb these is urgently called for by associating the social scientists, NGOs and religious groups for their active support as the law enforcement agencies alone cannot wipe out this menace.

2. Whereas we need strong laws to punish the guilty and protection to the victims and harassment free treatment to the witnesses, this alone cannot solve the problem. We need to supplement these efforts by stressing more emphasis on moral education in the educational & religious institutions as well as homes. If no efforts are made to curb this growing menace in the city, some day a Phoolan Devi will emerge to take the law in her hands.

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