Tuesday, March 6, 2012

No more caste based politics-only development

The election results in U.P. and other four States in the country irrespective of the winning political combinations have given the politicians a few serious lessons which they need to learn and emulate. The first and the most important lesson is that the people don't succumb to caste and religious cards. Parties like BSP and Congress who wanted to exploit the Muslims and Backwards have to bite dust as the Indian electorate has matured enough to see through these game plans and are no more gullible. Secondly, the size of the crowed at public meetings does not materalise into votes. The rhetorics and theatrics of Rahul Gandhi yielded nothing to the party's coffers. Similarly, the aggressive and abusive diatribes of Digvijay Singh & Beni Prasad instead of helping them had negative effects. BJP also should also learn lessons about its organisational structure and the public perception of its policies. No doubt the political parties will undertake their introspections but the most important factor is that public is sick of divisive politics.

2. People want to live in harmony and aspire for development to be a major international economic power. Hope UPA will reflect these experiences in the remaining two years of their rule while framing national policies,

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  1. The Indian voter has now come of age after traversing a gruelling journey of six decades. The barking of congress hounds of the likes of Digvijay have no more effect on them.y want only overall development and fulfillment of their aspirations.