Tuesday, August 4, 2009

If asked to resign, I will kill myself

"If asked to resign, I will kill myself: Buta Singh" is a most irresponsible and desperate attempt to blackmail the process of investigation and justice. Buta Singh 's love for power is well known as he has switched political loyalties to cling to power. His aforesaid statement perfectly proves this. Buta Singh is holding a constitutional Office and the involvement of his son in a criminal case directly concerning his official functions is a cause for concern and suspicion. All dignitaries are supposed to ensure that their wards and relations do not exploit their official positions. However. Buta Singh has not only been claiming his personal innocence but also that of his son.

2. He has been Home Minister of India and knows the working of CBI and it does not behove him to cast aspersions on its working. As the can of worms is opening up against his son, the best he could have done was to keep his mouth shut or chant the proverbial "Let the law take its own course."He seems to be committing Harakiri by issuing public statements in nervousness.

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